RMIT Electric Racing is a student run and operated organisation that promotes education, innovation and community through the development of a full electric vehicle for the Formula SAE competition.

The team comprises of over 50 passionate students from over a dozen faculties at RMIT. These highly motivated students are seeking to put themselves ahead of the pack and lay the foundations for a successful professional career. Our members take initiative for their own learning and demonstrate a strong work ethic, innovative thinking, and commitment to the additional workload. This dedication and demand for well-rounded technical skills, strong communication abilities and project management skills, attracts the best students from all disciplines, and is reflected in the abilities held by our alumni

Core Values


Community: To promote a welcoming environment where approachability, support, transparency and respect are at the forefront, while not forgetting how to have fun along the way.

Innovation: Through the sharing of knowledge and skills amongst all team members we promote the continuous evolution and support of collaborative ideation, problem solving, and technical advancement.

Empowerment: To generate stronger, dependable and more confident graduates through providing autonomy, entrustment and acknowledging achievement.


Management Team