RMIT Electric Racing

RMIT Electric Racing formed in 2008 and was the first ever electric vehicle built for the Formula SAE competition. Built on the success of over a decade of RMIT Racing, a small team of interested students and staff at RMIT set out to prove that they could produce a simple, completely electric counterpart for the combustion vehicle competition.

Since its inception in 2008, every year Formula SAE globally has seen a rapid growth in the number and competitiveness of electric vehicles. In Australia, RMIT Electric Racing continues to be one of the best electric vehicles, and is every year outperforming more and more combustion rivals. 



RMIT Electric Racing is committed to developing new technology for Electric Vehicles. We're all about power to change the future, and the future of changing power.


Self Funded

RMIT Electric Racing has an administrative team dedicated to sourcing sponsors and managing our budget.


100% Students

RMIT Electric Racing consists of students ranging from various engineering, business, I.T and arts based disciplines.